episode 5: things you have to do before graduating college


We’ve reached the end of the road, friends. Episode 5, THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO BEFORE GRADUATING COLLEGE, is available now under the episodes tab. We thought the theme was fitting, considering it’s our last episode. Listen and enjoy, and thanks for being a part of this experience.

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episode 4: the lift

Going up or down?

Episode 4, THE LIFT, is available here or click the “episodes” tab. Elevators are strange spaces. Most of us take them on a daily basis, whether it’s at work, in our apartments or inside a store. They’re one of the few spots where you have enclosed interactions with people you probably never would have spoken to otherwise. In this show, we’ll explore more of the weird relationship between people and elevators, and the things that happen when you decide not to take the stairs.

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episode 3: going the distance

Photo by Olivia De Recat.

Episode 3, GOING THE DISTANCE, is now available here or click the ‘episodes’ tab.
We experience all kinds of distances in college. Of course, there’s the physical distance of being away from home, whether you’re 20 minutes or 2,000 miles away. It can test your emotions, too, to be away from the people you love. There are also the types of distances that can test your body. In this episode, we’ll explore both the literal and metaphorical distance. We hope you’ll come along for the ride.


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have you missed us?

This guy is going the distance.

Not to worry — our new episode, GOING THE DISTANCE, premieres soon. What can you expect in this first episode of 2011? Here are some hints as to what you’ll hear:

  • A story about the physical distances student-athletes push their bodies in a competitive sport
  • The struggles of being an international student
  • What happens when you leave your laptop in the back of a cab and you go to great lengths to get it back
  • Some strange, funny and touching missives from home
  • And more!

Look for it here Wednesday, Feb. 9!

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episode 2: double take

Episode 2 contains a story about the Neptune Theater. (Not this Neptune.)

Episode 2, DOUBLE TAKE, is now available!

Our daily lives are filled with double takes. They’re the things that make you look twice or think twice about something or someone. We all do it: We judge and misjudge others without getting to know them. We pass the same people, places, things, and never stop to take a second glance. This show is about those second glances—where we stop judging a book by its cover and actually read the book.

Click here or go to the “episodes” tab. Thanks for listening!

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Welcome to our two newest contributors, Olivia de Recat and Jackson Hathorn! Olivia is a sophomore studying English, and Jackson is a senior studying history. You can hear both of them in Episode 2, DOUBLE TAKE, which is now available.

We love new voices — why not share yours with us? We’re always looking for new contributors. Or, got a great story you want to tell? Why not share yours with us? E-mail thebarkandthebite@gmail.com to see how you can get involved.

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waiting in line for ‘harry potter’

"Harry Potter and the Eathly Allows" -- just missing a D and an H.

For our upcoming episode “Double Take,” contributor Olivia De Recat is working on a story about the clever marquees outside the University District’s Neptune Theater. While theater staff changed the marquee to announce the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1” last night, Olivia and producer Rachel Solomon talked to Potter fans waiting in line to be first to see the film at midnight. Here’s what they had to say.

This also aired on KUOW’s The Conversation.

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